Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pinoy Sexy Traditonal Attire

I would like to start this Blog about Filipino Culture ofcourse. If we'll go around the street what we can see are the modern Filipino's. Most are wearing the latest shirts, blouses, jeans, skirts, shoes, sleepers and accesories, but didn't you know that there are some Filipino's who are still wearing thier tradtional cloths? They are the Ifugao's. They are the natives who are from Baguio. They go around with thier very authentic Bahag, playing their tradional music and dancing thier traditional dance. And guess what, I was able to wear that kind of traditional attire and it gave me a feeling that even though I look more Chinito, I am an ifugao inside. The picture above shows that its me wearing the Bahag and it made me more Pinoy. I hope each of us could feel that we are still Filipinos. No matter what color we have , No Matter where we are, and No matter what we are wearing; we cannot deny being Filipino because it runs in our Blood.