Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kenjie ColaC2 they call me Sexy Twink Filipino Guy

Hi it's me Kenjie Colacito a.k.a Kenjie Cola C2
I am now posting my sexy pictures here and wanna know your comments, just for fun:
First I have so many online accounts, from Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, Imeem, Youtube etc.

Many had Criticized me, but still many admire me. Now, I will post my sexy pics and as usuall I should expect, some will like it and many will hate me.

To all those who love me so much thank you and to those who hate me I hate you more.

So here are my pics, enjoy them all.

Those pics above are all me No Fake pictures because I am not posers though in my online accounts people always ask me " is that you ?" and I hate it because I am the owner of all these pics but still they doubt grrrrrrrr. well any way more pictures to come. Honey.mp3.mp3