Friday, June 19, 2009


Some of my friends, neighbors, relatives, once they see gray picture they'll say "ITS BLACK and WHITE"

I dont know what ever they call that color I call it art.

Many of us apreciate things because they are colorful. We can easily say oh that is beautiful, but imagine if everything around us are all Black and White or Gray. Do you think life will be boring. Maybe Yes,

Now, I am posting new photos of Mine I will tell you it looks boring, but it was fun turning colored photos to gray.

Look below:

I Really enojoyed turning them from colored to gray. I feel like the colored and the gray pictures tell different stories.

Colorful pictures might show happiness, but not all the time there might be sad stories in it.
Gray pictures might be look boring , but there might be happiness hiding inside.

Just Imagine before this world never have colored Camera yet, but lots of good memories are stored in our grand parents photo albums.

Look Now, we have digital camera , but many bad memories can be placed in our Photo Albums, LIke Photos of Funeral, Photos of Crimes or Photos of Accidents.

The only thing is we shouldnt Judge things just because of how they look like, but in what is inside just like socializing never judge others physically, (NO COLOR DISCRIMINATION) But see thier Heart.