Tuesday, August 4, 2009

CONGRATULATION: Jed Ryle L. Alforque For winning as the MART ONE CENTER COVER BOY 1st Runner Up.

Jed Ryle L. Alforque a Tourism Student of Negros Oriental State University Main Campus won as the MART ONE CENTER COVER BOY 1st Runner Up last Saturday August 1, 2009. Many (Norsunian) School-mates, and friends watched the competition only to support Jed. he was one of the Best looking, Charming and very strong contingent in that very prestigious competition. There were eight finalist and the competition was very tough, but Jed was very confident and he did his best, uses his charm and that made him as one of the winner. Actually, All eight finalist are already winners and I believe that they are all deserving to win. I am just glad that eventhough Jed had been winning modeling competitions he remains humble and friendly. To Jed Ryle L alforque, Keep it up; Congratulation and I wish you more success.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mart One Center Dumaguete Cover Boy Finalist Jed Ryle L. Alforque

Lets Vote Jed Ryle L. Alforque as the Next Mart One Center Dumaguete Cover Boy

For More Info Visit Mart One Center Dumaguete

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jed Ryle L. Alforque Mart One Center Dumaguete Cover Boy Finalist

Let's Vote Jed Ryle L. Alforque To Be The Next Mart One Center Dumaguete COver Boy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jed Ryle L. Alforque

Jed Ryle L. Alforque is a college Student at Negros Oriental State University taking BS-Tourism and who is now a finalist of Dare To Be Famous the search for The MART ONE CENTER Dumaguete Cover Boy. Let's Vote him to be the Next Mart One Center Dumaguete Cover Boy. For More Info please visit Mart One Center Dumaguete.

Get To Know Jed Ryle L. Alforque
Name: Jed Ryle L. Alforque
Birthday:June 15, 1990
Hometown: Dumaguete City, Philippines
Networking Political Views:Democratic Party
Religious Views:Born Again Christian

Personal Information
Activities:Love reading books especially related in Tourism
Interests:Traveling, watching movies and partying...
Favorite Music:Rnb and Rock and mellows
Favorite TV Shows:Any
Favorite Movies:Twiglight, Harry Potter series, High School Musical Series, Baler, Furious Case of Benjamin AND kNOWING and Xmen Wolverine.
Favorite Books:All books written by Dan Brown, Anne Rice and Michael Crichton .. of all the books Bible is his first priority
Favorite Quotations:No one is an Island and dont push your self to a person who doesnt like you.
About Jed:He is a simple guy who is funny, lovable,and friendly.

Do You wanna Know more about Jed? Just wait for my next Post. Thank You for reading his Info.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mart One Center Dumaguete City

I will never forget the first day I arrive in Dumaguete It was January 2006. I stayed at Don Atilano it is a hotel across the Rizal Boulevard. On my 1st Day of visit in Dumaguete, I didn't bring anything except my important documents and just the clothes that I was wearing so the first thing I did was I went around to see a place I could shop for Clothes and there, I found Mart One Center. The First Shopping center I had Visited in Dumaguete. At Mart One Center it is where I got my first clothes here in Dumaguete, from Shirts, Shorts,and undies. When I left back to Saipan I always remember Mart One the first shopping Centre I had visited in Dumaguete. So On May 2006 I went back to Dumaguete to enroll and of course as usual I am light traveler so I have nothing with me except my small back pack with my important documents and there I was again I shopped at Mart one. Until I got enrolled and stayed in a Dormitory. Of course starting that day, I started shopping for more clothes and when I moved in my 1st apartment I bought my fan, and my heater at Mart One Center. (sigh) I just bought few things that I could use in my apartment: And until Now I am in my new apartment , and I still keep going to Mart One Center to shop.
That is why I guess I can call myself a loyal satisfied consumer of Mart One Center Dumaguete.

above is the picture of Mart One Dumaguete.

MART One Dumaguete City

In Dumaguete City You'll find the only place where you will enjoy Shopping it is the one and only MART ONE Center the place you want to be. They have many Fashionable Clothes of the most Famous Designers. You will enjoy shopping because the sales ladies,and sales men are very friendly. Also they have varieties of appliances and they are very affordable so visit Mart One Center Now.

Of course, if you are not from Dumaguete City and You are planning to visit the city of Gentle people or planning to have a vacation here, I recommend Mart One center it is the best place for shopping; They have salon, computer shop, food court and Game area for children and youth who are fan of computer games and the location is very accessible to all so come and enjoy Dumaguete City and enjoy Shopping at Mart One Center. See You there

Friday, June 19, 2009


Some of my friends, neighbors, relatives, once they see gray picture they'll say "ITS BLACK and WHITE"

I dont know what ever they call that color I call it art.

Many of us apreciate things because they are colorful. We can easily say oh that is beautiful, but imagine if everything around us are all Black and White or Gray. Do you think life will be boring. Maybe Yes,

Now, I am posting new photos of Mine I will tell you it looks boring, but it was fun turning colored photos to gray.

Look below:

I Really enojoyed turning them from colored to gray. I feel like the colored and the gray pictures tell different stories.

Colorful pictures might show happiness, but not all the time there might be sad stories in it.
Gray pictures might be look boring , but there might be happiness hiding inside.

Just Imagine before this world never have colored Camera yet, but lots of good memories are stored in our grand parents photo albums.

Look Now, we have digital camera , but many bad memories can be placed in our Photo Albums, LIke Photos of Funeral, Photos of Crimes or Photos of Accidents.

The only thing is we shouldnt Judge things just because of how they look like, but in what is inside just like socializing never judge others physically, (NO COLOR DISCRIMINATION) But see thier Heart.