Saturday, March 14, 2009


2 Months ago I posted a Blog like some how saying good bye or should I say last will testament? I was wrong: I realize I should have not done that. I was thinking that to leave Dumaguete and run away will solve my problems. It just I had confusion in making decisions and priorities in life. I got in to so many problems and thought it was the end. I didnt know what is really important between who to choose my dad or my family? My dad told me he didnt wish me to forget my family, he just want me to be serious in school and focus in my education, but ofcourse I cant deny it that my Mama, Papa and Brothers are still important. Now, my Lola asked me a question Who will I choose my Family who are just poor, or my dad who can give everything I need; example of that are good health and education , money, good food etc. Oh dear Lord. I love both side. If You will be in my situation, what will you do? Who will you choose? Is it wrong that I left daddy behind? or is it right to choose my family and help them? I remember My dad told me I should help myself first, but for me I cant just watch them. How about You what will you do?

Bebe Gandang Hari

Oh my God! Finally I've seen the Photos of Bibi Gandang Hari. She is very beautiful and Hot. I actually want to post her picture here so that I can share them to others too, but I dont think I can do that. But I saved her Pictures in my USB because i just want to keep her photos and atleast I can look at them anytime I wanted and of course I have no license to post her picture here so I'm sorry if I cant share her photos here huhuhu. Well anyway all I can say are She is totally Pretty, and I Love Her. and if given a chance hopefuly if I see her around I want to have a picture with Bibi Gandang Hari. I am a Big fan