Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mart One Center Dumaguete City

I will never forget the first day I arrive in Dumaguete It was January 2006. I stayed at Don Atilano it is a hotel across the Rizal Boulevard. On my 1st Day of visit in Dumaguete, I didn't bring anything except my important documents and just the clothes that I was wearing so the first thing I did was I went around to see a place I could shop for Clothes and there, I found Mart One Center. The First Shopping center I had Visited in Dumaguete. At Mart One Center it is where I got my first clothes here in Dumaguete, from Shirts, Shorts,and undies. When I left back to Saipan I always remember Mart One the first shopping Centre I had visited in Dumaguete. So On May 2006 I went back to Dumaguete to enroll and of course as usual I am light traveler so I have nothing with me except my small back pack with my important documents and there I was again I shopped at Mart one. Until I got enrolled and stayed in a Dormitory. Of course starting that day, I started shopping for more clothes and when I moved in my 1st apartment I bought my fan, and my heater at Mart One Center. (sigh) I just bought few things that I could use in my apartment: And until Now I am in my new apartment , and I still keep going to Mart One Center to shop.
That is why I guess I can call myself a loyal satisfied consumer of Mart One Center Dumaguete.

above is the picture of Mart One Dumaguete.

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